Trained in divorce mediation and collaborative divorce, psychologist Dr. Donald Hiebel has presented and taught extensively on the impact of family separation on children and their parents. He has given workshops and presentations on such topics as the poor use of psychological concepts during the divorce process and the process of parental alienation. Dr. Donald Hiebel also has spoken on a variety of other topics involving child and family psychology and has distinguished himself as an adjunct professor at four universities. He holds a PhD in clinical psychology from Miami University, where he served as a teaching fellow and faculty representative. Dr. Hiebel now balances his academic and speaking responsibilities with service as a private child and family psychologist. He maintains offices in West Hartford and Middleton, Connecticut, where he uses a diverse range of modalities to treat mental and emotional challenges in patients of all ages. Also active in corporate consulting, Dr. Hiebel helps clients and their employees to build skills in active listening and effective communication.

Mediation and Collaborative Divorce

Extensively trained in Mediation and Collaborative Divorce, which uses a team approach including a lawyer, mental health professional and a financial specialist

Parenting Plans

Development of parenting plans and access schedules for separated and divorced parents

Co-parent Communication

Conflict resolution and negotiating agreements in the major areas of a child’s life, such as medical, educational, psychological, extracurricular activities and religion.