Dr. Donald Hiebel Bio

Dr. Donald Hiebel possesses over 40 years of experience as a clinical psychologist and operates a West Hartford and Middletown, Connecticut-based solo private practice focused on family and child mental health care. Utilizing a model that integrates psycho-educative, behavioral and other approaches, he evaluates and treats patients for apparent and underlying psychological conditions.

Dr. Hiebel possesses training in divorce mediation and assists estranged couples and individuals through the impact of separation on their own lives and those of their children. Dedicated to advancing his own education, Dr. Donald Hiebel stands out as a 10-year participant in a forensic seminar on psychiatry, psychology, and the law.

Also a consultant to business executives in diverse industries, Dr. Donald Hiebel uses Goleman’s emotional intelligence model to advise professionals on improving attentive listening, emotional restraint, and other interpersonal communication skills.

Prior to establishing his solo practice, Dr. Hiebel owned and directed a private child and family psychological therapy group for 23 years. Complementing his extensive clinical experience, he has facilitated more than 150 educational forums on subjects ranging from parent alienation from to the wrongful application of psychological concepts in courtroom proceedings.

Dr. Donald Hiebel has also been featured as a speaker at over 40 conferences and served as an adjunct professor at four universities. In preparation for his career, Dr. Hiebel earned a PhD in clinical psychology from Miami University.

Along with education in child, adolescent, and adult psychology, he has received instruction in collaborative counseling and completed post-doctoral training in couple’s and family therapy.


  • 40 years of clinical experience in mental health clinics and private practice. Owned and directed a family and child private practice for 23 years. In solo private practice since 2002
  • Trained in child, adolescent and adult psychotherapy with postdoctoral training in family therapy at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic
  • Taught as adjunct professor at four universities
  • Past co-president of the Connecticut Council of Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Practice
  • Presented over 40 papers at professional conventions
  • Conducted over 150 workshops on a variety of mental health topics.